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Tuesday, October 1st, 2002
10:02 pm - August 1st, 1995: Closing Up Shop
albus_tenth As the Decagon has now served its intended purpose, I am formally closing it down now. The archives will remain in the system, but as we are mostly back together with our primary foe gone, there is no further need for distance communication, nor for secrecy.

Minerva, I know you have some final thoughts, and that you may not be alone. Feel free to voice them in the next day or so; I am not deleting the board itself. But I will no longer post here, and I consider the formal Decagon arrangement over.

Severus and Sirius, Arthur has owled me with news of your official pardons. Congratulations. I wish you both luck, although I hope that you will understand, Severus, when I say that there is no need for you to return to staff in the coming year. Perhaps if you approach me a few years down the road, I will see your case differently. As it is, I think that you have used up your current quota of chances, and it takes time for me to grow more.

Although in the end, you were the cause of Lord Voldemort's defeat, and I honor you for that.

Sirius, I hope that you and whoever you choose find happiness. Goodness knows that has been in short supply. And Remus, I wish you well.

Harry, you have done all that I hoped for and more. That goes also for your friends. I expect great things of you all.

Minerva- I hope that our school year together is better, and quieter, than the last. And Hagrid, I hope to receive news from you again soon.

Good night, everyone.

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Sunday, September 29th, 2002
2:08 pm - August 28th: Letter from Arthur
albus_tenth I've received an owl from Arthur Weasley, the contents of which should improve everyone's mood:

Dear Albus,

I've been too busy to report properly before now, and I suppose I still am, but I can hardly put this off any longer. The transition has gone extremely well. It seems that the Death Eaters, as usual, were acting out of fear of Voldemort, then Malfoy, then Snape, and now that all three are gone they were quite happy to melt back into the background. Soon, I'll make moves to recapture any that I can, but it's not that high on my list of priorities. Immediate threats first, and besides everyone's identities were quite well hidden.

Speaking of immediate threats, I've had quite a job appeasing the international community. The giants especially have required a lot of discussion, and I don't blame them. I'm considering offering them a place back in England, to make up partially for this ill-treatment they've recieved.

Must be off. I hope that you all are well.

Sincerely yours,

Arthur Weasley

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Saturday, September 28th, 2002
10:22 pm - Update

Well, we're back at Hogwarts, safe and sound. I hope. Though I've transfigured him, Severus is still asleep and I thought it best to let him rest while he can. I'll explain everything to him once he wakes up.

I'm using Severus' laptop to check the Decagon. What a cunning little machine! I'm quite put out that Albus didn't give me one. Actually, I imagine Severus will be quite put out with me for using it without his permission, but I couldn't resist. Maybe I'll change my picture while I wait - it's been a while since I did that. In the meantime, if anyone needs me I'll be in Severus' office. (And do let me know if you hear any news about the changeover in the Ministry!)

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Thursday, September 26th, 2002
9:22 pm - Aug 25, 1995

Hermione, did you receive my owl about Wade? Please let me know if you discover anything useful.

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6:18 pm - Mocking Severus' Wardrobe 8-25

Oh, I remember that suit. You thought it was /very/ classy at the time. I'm not surprised that it still fits -not that it really fit in the first place, but you know what I mean.

I've read some of your old posts. Wallowing again? That hasn't changed, either. You still need to let some light and fresh air back into your life. Or into your skull. I can do that for you- just say when!

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6:33 pm - 25 August - Dinner plans

Severus, I am coming to the Ministry this evening to see you. My excuse will be that I must speak with you regarding the upcoming year's Potions classes, but I will be bringing with me food and potions and some necessities from your quarters. If you like, I'll even guard the door so you can have a shower and a nap.

If you're not able to see me, I'll leave the things for you in such a way that you'll know they're from me and safe, but please do try. I'm worried about you, and I want to speak to you face to face.

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12:08 pm - 25 August
albus_tenth Minerva, I am most unhappy with this. Having your Death Eater friend threaten me via Muggle telephone is not a tactic worthy of you. I have not returned because I had no wish to return- because I have no wish to be a figurehead-

-There was more to this speech, but I'd better post this now. I hear a knocking at my door, and must answer it. It had better not be who I think it is.

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Friday, August 25th, 1995
1:47 am - 25 August worrying turn ups

Hello all

This is a right turn up an no mistake. What’s bin goin on with Professor Snape? It’s hard teh believe he’s bin doin what I’ve been hearin about. Vorhundt the Mighty got a letter from the Ministry back home sayin that the wizards of England are plannin on comin out here teh attack the giants. I havent seen the letter myself but they’re scared. What’s happenin? That’s not the Professor Snape I’ve known since he were a little boy. It’s got teh be an imposter or he’s bin possessed like poor Professor McGonigall.

The upshot o’this is that Vorhundt is tryin teh get the others together here teh attack first. There’s a lot of fear here. They were driven out o’their homes over sixty years ago but that’s a short time fer giants. They still remember how the wizards killed many o’their number an they’re takin this very seriously. They’re not the warlike people that some folks say but they’re big an strong and a few o’them have some magic. This could be go badly fer both sides but I know the giants won’t really stand a chance. Could be the end o’these people.

The threatnin howlers I were gettin have stopped but the owls were comin from Lucius Malfoy’s place. Make o’that what yeh will. It’s a relief not teh have all that shoutin going off, scarin people. An dragons. Talkin o’that, remind me teh show yeh me scars. If we get teh meet up again.

I hope someone can find out what’s bin happenin with the Professor.

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Thursday, September 26th, 2002
2:14 am - 1995-08-25: announcement

I am intending to have a limited press conference on 1995-08-26.

I would also request someone go look at both the instruction letters I have left at Hogwarts; both the general instructions, for my successor as Potions master and of head of Slytherin House, and of my final wishes. I have a suspicion that both will be needed in some fashion before long.

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Wednesday, September 25th, 2002
11:39 am - August 24th: Good Morning!

Wade here. Minnie has gone all bitchily silent on me, so I decided to take more direct action. It was too easy once I figured out that some people might /want/ to be taken over by an evil being. For example, this is Lloyd. I now live in Lloyd's pus-filled Muggle brain. He desperately wants to be an evil wizard and he owns a lot of computer equipment, so it's not at all surprising that we were so compatible! Lloyd got his own journal onto the Decagon for me -explains "Lazarus The Merciless" and the freakish little blue creature, yes?- and now we are finally all together. Finally.

Anyway, I've found your Headmaster for you. Do you fucking want me to take him over there or /not/? McGonagall won't stop shutting up about it. I swear to god that woman is the most indecisive human on earth. Might explain her previously mentioned inability to get laid. Then again, that might just be her taste in men. Hey Minnie! I'm pretty sure that Lloyd is about twenty-five. Am I young enough for you /now/?

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Tuesday, September 24th, 2002
7:42 am - No news from the Ministry

I had an owl from my old friend Daisy Weatherall, who works at WWN. She tells me that they've received strict instruction from the Ministry not to broadcast anything, and she thinks a similar directive was sent to the Prophet, as well as the less well-known news outlets. She's heard that a great many people have been imprisoned, possibly killed, and that the Ministry has cut off all diplomatic ties with other nations. Apparently some of her reporters have tried to ask discreet questions, but they're smacked down pretty quickly, and she's instructed them that their safety is more important than a story - particularly since any story they obtained would never be allowed to run.

Severus, what do you know about what is going on there? If the Death Eaters are running mad you're going to have to rein them in. Find a way to make them believe it's in their best interest to be peaceful, etc. Not only for the sake of the people, but for YOUR sake, when this is all over!

In a bit of good news, she was aware of the "fact sheet" mailings, and says they dwindled to a halt after the 20th. I suppose that could indicate Lucius Malfoy was responsible.

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Monday, September 23rd, 2002
7:27 am - Aug 22, 1995

All right, if we're going to stage any sort of counterattack on the Ministry, we're going to need reinforcements. I know the Weasleys will help; can anyone suggest anyone else we can pull in? I'm owling Mundungus to see if he knows any Aurors who can be trusted (by which I mean, trusted to help, trusted not to blast Snape on sight, and, while we're at it, trusted not to blast me on sight, thank you very much).

I'm worried about how queit things have been since this coup. The Ministry is taken over by Death Eaters and the papers don't even mention it? How the hell did they manage that one? Minerva, what did you hear in Hogsmeade?

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2:15 am - 1999-08-22: Where is everyone?

My dearest friends, my eyes, my ears...what is going on outside here?

I cannot leave. I'm out of clean clothing, haven't slept in three days, and haven't washed in goodness knows how long. Although I rarely came outside at Hogwarts in the past few weeks, I could feel the presence of other people. I miss you dearly, very much, I did not expect to say that...

Weasley, do you have any idea where your father and brother Percy are? I am not quite sure yet if I can trust your elder brother, but he's your blood, and it probably runs true. He's loyal to your family if nothing else. I would kindly request their assistance. This Ministry is a horrible mess, and someone needs to clean it up. I suppose it starts with me. I do not want it to end with me. It should not have been me in the first place.

Where are the ones loyal to our side?

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Saturday, September 21st, 2002
9:31 pm - 1995-08-20 many, many sorries

I headed to London this morning in order to protect Harry Potter from himself. I have succeeded in that. Potter is back with you, although I imagine he's quite shaken. Believe me, I did not want the entire Ministry of Magic to bow to me. I had expected to save it, not to run it. In fact, during and after our ordeal, I barely knew what I was doing. At one moment, I was within; the next, without.

I knew Lucius Malfoy was ambitious, but he always seemed to me to be the type to be the power behind the throne, not the man sitting in it. I also can't fathom why he expected me to leave him alive. Am I truly that desperate for glory and recognition, so much so that I would settle for being the Malfoy family lapdog? I'm sure that I would have had the honours and medals attached to my body, while my mind would have been blasted away within hours.

I've a Ministry full of turncoats and Death Eaters. How in the hell do I get rid of them? There's only so many I can Avada Kedavra before the rest of them come for me.

We need to find Albus Dumbledore, and fast. He is our only hope; I am hopeless.

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5:46 pm - Aug 20, 1995 -- Trying to figure things out

I've been thinking about this until my head is ready to explode, and I still don't understand. Just this morning, Snape was helpfully telling me where he left his "Painting Fixative" potion, and bantering with Minerva. A few hours later, he's storming the Ministry and proclaiming himself the biggest bully in the playground? Not that I'm about to shed any tears for Voldemort or Wormtail or Lucius Malfoy, but...

It makes no sense. I swear, it's like there are two Snapes running around out there, and I really wish they'd sit down together and get themselves sorted out.

We need to figure out what to do next. We need to know how the world outside Hogwarts is reacting to this. Has anyone seen the papers today? Has the news gone public yet? Somehow, I doubt the Wizarding World is going to jump for joy at the idea of Severus Snape appointing himself Minister. Let us all meet tonight and discuss possible plans.

I am not relaxing any security in the castle, by the way. If Snape has, indeed, secured the Ministry, then Hogwarts is the next obvious target.

current mood: indescribable

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2:22 pm - After ... -- Sunday, August 20, 1995


I noticed that Severus all ready made reference to The Tower card. To add on from what he said, the changes that the Tower brings along are not nice. It usually represents catastrophic change. Men and women are pushed from the tower by the true knowledge of what is going on. We should take heed of the note from Wade, but not take it too seriously. It could be another elaborate rouse that we do not need to fall into again.

I talked to Sirius after he stormed off after Harry explained everything to us, and did manage to get him calmed down (but not without some problems arising). What we should do at the moment is regroup and rethink what exactly is going on. Gather our bearings, and everything else.

There are a few other things I have in mind, but at the moment, I need to sort them out.

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1:01 pm - 20 August - brief update

The wards are all strong and holding, and I don't think we need to fear Albus infiltrating them - I received an owl from Wade who informs me he's striking out on his own. Apparently his old friends didn't believe his story. He also mentioned something about the Death Eaters "saving the Tower for a later date" and seemed to feel this code was quite transparent, though I confess it makes no sense to me whatsoever, and is probably nothing more than one of Wade's games.

Sirius, I'm very glad you're going to be keeping a close eye on Harry. Nothing I could say would dissuade him from this foolish idea of sacrificing himself in order to save the world from You-Know-Who. I'm afraid Severus' memorable speech to the first years has stuck with Ron, as well - he was going on about stoppering death and couldn't Harry die just long enough and then be revived. My head is still aching.

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7:12 am - Aug. 20, 1995 -- Last-minute plans

I have been thinking about Hermione's information, and I don't think we should be in a big rush to sacrifice Harry just yet. After all, blood of the enemy isn't all that resurrected Voldemort this time around, is it? There was also bone of the father and flesh of the servant. The father's not exactly available anymore, but the servant is, and it's likely Wormtail will be there during the attack. It's possible that killing Wormtail will kill or weaken Voldemort, too. It's worth trying, anyway. I, for one, am all for killing Wormtail just on principle. I should've done it two years ago, we all would've been better off.

Harry has asked that I stick with him during the fight, and I will. I believe Remus is planning to join us.

Snape, do you still have any of the potion that we used to bind Wade to the painting the first time around? If not, can you make more in a hurry (maybe with Hermione to help you)? If a possessed Albus does show up, I'd like to have the potion handy just in case we have an opportunity to use it. I'm sorry if this interferes with your scheduled martyrdom, but I, for one, am determined to live if I can, and I'd like my friends to live with me. As for Destiny, I'd like to spit in her eye.

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1:37 am - 1995-08-20 wakeful and aware

I am prepared for what I must do. As Black and Lupin are staying here, and McGonagall makes this place safe for the opposition, it appears that it is left to me to protect Potter on his Fool's errand. It is my hope that he can cast the killing blow on our enemy, and that said enemy will go and die somewhere else, and that I can get Potter out of there in time before he does it.

For all I grumble and complain about Potter (and his behaviour is certainly on the exasperating end of things more often than not) he is our best hope. His destiny was ordained, after all, and who am I to argue with the Sight?

I hope that you all recall where my final letter is located. I have added some things to it; things that I cannot bring myself to say in life.

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10:23 pm - (No Subject) -- Saturday, August 19, 1995


Tomorrow, as it is the day that we've been preparing for, I plan to be working with you, Sirius, to keep an eye on the castle, and watch out for dark activity -- but you all ready know that. We've spoken.

I've checked the wards around the school, and they're in good condition. There still is the chance that if Albus is used against us, he could probably force through them. We'll have to be careful about that. It is a possibility.

In reference to what I discovered by tracking Albus' magical signature yesterday, I think it might have been so chaotic because that was the point where he was taken by Wade. I would think that someone of Albus' power could fight Wade, but I am not so certain anymore.

Padfoot earlier mentioned using the House-Elves as lookouts on the school grounds, and that made me think of the ghosts and portraits. I'm going to be speaking with them shortly to see if they will consent to helping keep an internal lookout for us.

At the moment, I do believe that is it. If anyone has any clue as to where a certain item that Harry had -- a rather old marauder's map -- I would very pleased to know it's location. It would probably be helpful to have in Sirius and my own efforts to watch the castle grounds.

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